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The Best Me I Can Be

Blogging on the Silhouette Romantic Suspense authors’ blog here: today on what’s in store for me in 2010. Please stop by!

The Secret Revealed

Months ago I posted that I was working on a secret project that I couldn’t talk about. I never thought it would take so long for me to get the “greenlight” to share the news, but after many bouts with producers, agents, lawyers, etc., here it is…

But what is it, you ask? Why, it’s a contract! Four copies of a contract, to be exact. CARVED IN STONE and the Gargoyles series (my paranormal romances) have been optioned for motion picture by Hollywood production company Evolution Entertainment! So Merry Christmas to me!

And here is me signing said contract. I totally stole this idea from DARA sister Angi Platt. I thought it was cool to capture the moment:

Of course it’s still a long way from showing up in your local theatre or on TV, but a girl can dream.

Now back to work. Sorry for this commercial interruption. 🙂


The Procrastinator’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Author Donna Alward is running her “Twelve Days of Christmas” promotion and contest on her blog ( Today I’m the featured author! Tomorrow is the last day. And it’s not even mid-December yet. Obviously Donna has her act together. Go check it out for 12 chances to win a boat load of terrific books and other goodies!

Me, I lean toward the procrastinator side. Heavily. So in honor of Donna’s awesomeness, I’ve put together my own version. Here is “The Procrastinators Twelve Days of Christmas”.

On the FIRST day of Christmas….pretend it’s still July! There’s still plenty of time, right?

On the SECOND day of Christmas…notice the stores have put up holiday trimmings, but heck, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, so ignore the endless repetitions of Jingle Bells playing in the aisles.

On the THIRD day of Christmas…wonder where you stashed those boxes of decorations. Decide to search the attic…sooner or later

On the FOURTH day of Christmas…Buy a box of Christmas cards with cute puppies on the front and stash them under the seat of the car for later. Much later.

On the FIFTH day of Christmas…go to the Black Friday sale, get a great price on some bling for yourself…fail miserably to find anything suitable for family or friends.

On the SIXTH day of Christmas…buy a magazine full of tantalizing pictures of holiday meals, complete with recipes. Stash it under the seat with the Christmas cards.

On the SEVENTH day of Christmas…find the decorations in the attic. Move them to the hall closet.

On the EIGHTH day of Christmas…Find the address book with data for friends old and new, buy stamps, but have forgotten where you put the Christmas cards.

On the NINTH day of Christmas…finally find the perfect gifts for family far away. Max out the credit card, pack bags and boxes in car and leave them there. Too tired to wrap!

On the TENTH day of Christmas…panic getting presents wrapped and packaged for mail before post office closes. Spend two hundred dollars to overnight one hundred dollars worth of packages so they arrive on Christmas Eve.

On the ELEVENTH day of Christmas…find Christmas cards and realize you never sent any. Spend all afternoon driving around and dropping them off personally. Friends think you’re really into the spirit! Get home and decide which recipes to make from magazine, but realize you don’t have the ingredients. Run to WalMart at 11:55 on Christmas Eve and wait in line with all the other procrastinators.

On the TWELTH day of Christmas. Relax! Enjoy! Spend time with family, exhausted from all the preparations! After all…it’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Later, find box of decorations in closet and put them out. Leave them until March.

P.S. – In stores now…LEGACY OF STONE!

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7 men as tough as the West. 7 women ready to Cowboy Up

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Coming Soon from Vickie Taylor

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What am I reading today?

GOOD OLE BOYS - Denise Barker - Just started, but I'm intrigued so far!

Last five books read:

TEXAS GOTHIC - Rosemary Clement-Moore - Awesome! Great fun and spooktastic at the same time!

MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN - Ransom Riggs - Really creative idea. Enjoyed it very much!

BOOTSCOOTIN' BLAHNIKS - D.D. Scott - Very enjoyable, fun book!

THE GOOD DAUGHTER - Diana Layne - Awesome! Get it now!

GOT YOUR NUMBER - Stephanie Bond - Fun little mystery!

What’s on my TBR List?

GOOD OLE BOYS - Denise Barker

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