Potato Soup and the Whispering Universe

On twitter yesterday, I posted that I was trying a new soup recipe in the slow cooker: Steak and Potato Soup. Here is the recipe:

Steak and Potato Soup


1.5 Lbs. Boneless Beef Sirloin, Cut into Chunks

2 Med. Potatoes, Cut into Chunks

2 Cups Frozen Green Beans

1 Onion

16 oz. Jar Salsa

14 oz. Can Beef Broth

1 teasp. Basil

2 Cloves Garlic

Top with Cheese


Throw everything in except the cheese, cover and cook 8 to 10 Hours on Low. Garnish with shredded cheese when serving.

Okay, so I thoughtt his sounded really good. Normally I wouldn’t spend the money for sirloin just to put in soup, but I found some on “manager’s special” (meaning it was marked down because the sell-by date was the next day and they had to get rid of it) at Kroger so I gave it a try. I have to say — the soup was just “okay”. 

I like most soups with a clear broth, but this soup just didn’t seem hearty enough. I think when I re-heat it today I’ll add a can of Cream of Potato soup to make it thicker. I try to avoid the “cream of” soups because of the fat and sodium content…but I guess I’ll make an exception. Hopefully it’ll kick up the steak and potato soup from “okay” to “good.”

Moving on the the whispering universe. One of the coolest things about being a writer is the unexpected way little pieces of a story come together like a puzzle even when you don’t realize it. It’s like the universe whispered directly into your brain and you wrote what it told you without even knowing why until one day everything goes “click” and you smile over the way things turned out. And take credit as if you’d planned it that way all along. 🙂

For example, I created the hero for the upcoming releae LEGACY OF STONE, third in the gargoyle series, years ago when I wrote the first book, He only appears for a few seconds in the prologue, as an infant in his sister’s arms. But he had a name, and it was established, so I couldn’t change it as he showed up again, all devilishly handsomely grown up, in later books. His name was Levi. I don’t know why. I just liked the sound of it. My grandfather’s middlename was Levi, and I’m the only family member who takes after him and his love of equines (he was a mule trader, I’m a huge horse lover). I also have a horse named Levi. I’ll have to post a picture of him one day. He has a white spot on his shoulder shaped like a perfect heart. But I digress.

Over the next book I developed the character of Levi a bit farther. He was separated from his family as an infant. He grew up not knowing about or understanding the shapeshifting ability he’d inherited. He thought he was an abomination — a freak. He thought he was alone in the world. He belonged no where because of his difference. I decided that what Levi really needed in life was to be rejoined with his people. To become part of something and not be alone any more.

When I finally sat down to write his story, I had to decide what type of creature he shifted into when he changed. I decided on a sea monster to go with the theme of him thinking he’s a monster and because I had this kind of cool shipwreck scene in mind for the opening of his book.

Here it is, almost four years since I first wrote the name “Levi” on a manuscript page. Levi’s story is done and in the publisher’s hands awaiting the production process. And I’m researching a new book, doing some online searches on mythology and come across the story of the Leviathan. yes, the LEVIathan. It seems he’s a sea monster. Hmmmm. Never knew that’s what a leviathan was. At least I don’t ever remember knowing that.

Then later I’m flipping through my baby names book trying to decide on a name for a character in my new story and once again I stumble across the name Levi. Would you have guessed that according to my big thick book of baby names, the name Levi means “joined, attached.” As in, I had decided Levi needed to be rejoined to his people and become a part of something, not alone any longer. Yet I had no idea as I decided on that name or wrote the three books.

Weird, huh? But that happens to writers all the time. Same thing is happening on the unicorn story I’m working on now,


Back to work now. Someone (something?) is whispering in my ear.



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